Why outsource mold making to China?

Most costumer outsource mold making to China as low cost.  It is better to know follow question before buy mold from China. Or it will be a long story happen with you.

Why outsource mold making to China?

1. Does China mold maker has engineering and tooling making skill for high quality mold making?

After 30+ years’ developing, China mold manufacturers have learn and get engineering and mold making skills well. The mold making technology is bring by HK Company and Taiwan Company before. The engineers and master mold makers teach their trainee and relative after they change job.

The other technology is that the CNC machine could machining better as it is upgrade years by years. So there is no problem for China mold makers to maker good quality plastic injection mold.

2. Does China still has low price for mold making?

The labor cost of China increases year by year. But there is still long way to reach Euro or America. Even Obama Govement ask Made Back IN US. The real thing is that the industries relate to mold manufacturing is pollute environment. It will takes lots of cost for Protect Environment. Other solution is that China mold makers have very strong Integration capability. So China still has competitive price.

3. Does China mold maker offer satisfy service?

More and more China mold makers hire technical sales, who are good at technique and English communication. As we all know, the technique requirement is the most important thing for mold manufacturing, and now a lot of salesman are good at CAD drawing, materials choosing and mold making process, so they could offer customer satisfy service.

4. Is it usually delay for mold shipping?

Delay is very bad in business, many China mold maker use ERP system to control the project develop. We learn from ERP system, and 95% mold is deliver on time.

5. How can they offer mold maintenance service?

As a small mold maker, we deliver mold with 2D/3D design drawings, NC programming data contained in a CD, EDM copper, interchangeable inserts, wearing parts with mold shipping too. So that you could maintenance mold or change mold easier.

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