Great mold design is a half success of high quality mold.

Our intelligence mold design engineers, will offer you DFM, Moldflow, 2D Mold Layout and 3D Mold Drawing, they are skilled and rich experience use CAE/CAD/CAM for mold manufacturing & injection molding analysis.

For DFM, is a PPT file which including base mold information, such as mold number, plastic type and shrinkage,  cavity number etc.,  and part layout, part line, runner design, gating way, ejection method, cooling layout,  and venting etc.

Lead Time for mold making

1-3 days for DFM(Design for Manufacturing, PPT)
1-3 days for 2D Mold Layout,(. DWG)
1-3 days 3D Mold Drawings(.STP or .X-T)



Moldflow Analysis:

mold flow analysis - Mold Design

The Software:

  • Pro/ENGINEER (3D Modeling)
  • Unigraphics (3D Modeling)
  • Solidworks (3D Modeling)
  • AutoCAD (2D Modeling)
  • Moldflow Mold Advisor (Plastic flow/deform simulation)
  • MasterCAM (CNC Programming)
  • Unigraphics (CNC Programming)
  • Geomagic Studio (Sample scannning)

The drawing file format: DWG, DXF and PDF of 2D Drawing, IGES, STEP, STP, X-T, STL etc. for 3D Drawing.

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