Mould Precision Co., Ltd. is a private plastic mold manufacturer in Dongguan China, focus on plastic injection mold manufacturing, offer Short Lead Time, Cost Efficient and Flexible Payment, in order to Increase Your Competitive in mold market, serves for the industries of Automotive, Electronic, Industrial, Medical and Packing since 2014.

You will get good quality & price for:

plastic mold maker china - Company

You will get more competitive by:

  • 15 days T0 for urgent mold making
  • Max save 30% of mold making
  • Balance pay after deliver 60 days

You will get VIP payment benefit:

  • Less than 5,000 $, 0 with order, 100% before shipping
  • 5000 $ to 10,000 $, 30% with order, 70% before shipping
  • Over 10,000 $, 40% with order, 45% before shipping and 15% in 60 days

Your offshore plastic mold manufacturer

To be the priority plastic mold manufacturer in China, we are working hard for. When you hand to mold making to us, you’re getting a mold with a solid reputation behind it.

We are the professional mold maker in China, have good solution for normal mold making and urgent project, only 15 days T0 for fast mold making. What is more, we could save 30% cost of mold making. The most important thing is that we accept balance pay in 60 days after deliver for VIP customer.

Base on Dongguan Manufacturing Capability, we work hard to integrate the elements of mold making. CNC Workshops, EDM Workshops, Injection Molding Workshops and Professional Mold Trial Factories. That is why we could offer better price.

Integration is best solution for small and middle mold makers, bases on steady cooperation with partners and employees. We get good reputation from customers. as we are Professional, Efficient and Responsibility.