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Mould Precision Co., Ltd. is a private plastic mold manufacturer in Dongguan China, focus on plastic injection mold manufacturing, offer Short Lead Time, Cost Efficient and Flexible Payment, in order to Increase Your Competitive in mold market, serves for the industries of Automotive, Electronic, Industrial, Medical and Packing since 2014. You will get good quality & price for: Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing...

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Mold Design

Great mold design is a half success of high quality mold. Our intelligence mold design engineers, will offer you DFM, Moldflow, 2D Mold Layout and 3D Mold Drawing, they are skilled and rich experience use CAE/CAD/CAM...

Mold Making

Mold Making in China, export molds to Euro & America. We have rich experience for plastic injection mold making service, with LKM, HASCO or DME standard, and Specification of Customer requirement. 90% of mold exports to...

Plastic Molding

We offer custom plastic molding services, any quantity is welcome, and the capability is from 60 to 1800 ton. You will get high quality plastic molding product, with satisfy service from Plastic Selected, Free Sample Test,...

Value-added Services

We offer value-add services: Reverse Engineering, Prototyping, Painting, Silk printing, Hot Stamping, and Ultrasonic Welding etc. We provide or arrange a variety of additional services relating to the mold making and precision molding of the plastic...

Project Procedure

Project Procedure The good solution and system could make it easy and smooth. The project starts when we get your RFQ. We offer you quotation after confirm basic information. Such as steel for core and cavity,...

Quality Control

We follow the PDCA management. It is good solution and system for normal mold and urgent mold making. We offer Weekly Report for mold making quality control and on time deliver. The four phases are: Plan: identify...

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Customer wants better price

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The mold making cost is increase year by years in China. But customer wants better price.

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Client Testimonials

MP really do a good job for mold building, I recommend them to my friends as a mold making supplier in China.

Jerry Mehling — Owner(USA)

It is a professional China mold maker. They do very well for great mold making and high quality mold fabrication. Our cooperation is happy.

Dieter Herber — CEO(Germany)

When searching “China mold maker” in Google. I’m very lucky to find out them, good price and good quality with short lead time. We have a good and steady cooperation now.

Davide Albiero — R&D Dept.(Italy)

My job is a product structure design engineer, I am glad that MP makes prototype, mold making and moulding production for me. They do really a good job.  There are Professional, fast and high quality plastic mold manufacturer.

Tim Maxwell — Product Design Engineer(Canada)

I look for mold making & molding company in China by Google. I’m short and happy for their professional, quality, price and lead time. Hope we could work for the next project soon.

Ivan Kekic — Product Manager(Australia)

They do a good job, our precision machining parts are great. I’d like to hand more projects of precision machining parts to MP.

Anton Dwi Gunarto — Project Management(USA)