FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service you offer?

Plastic Injection Mold Making, Plastic Injection Molding & Precision Machining

What is the main product you making?

Plastic Injection Mold

What is the standard of mold making?

Metric Mold or Inch Mold

Could you make hot runner mold?

Yes, we do, it uses Mold MASTER, HASCO, DME, YUDO and China Brand

What do you need for quotation?

3D part drawing and 2D is perfect, with your required, such as steel for core and cavity, cavity number etc.

Could you quote by sample or photo?

It is no problem. The precision price needs more information.

How long will I get the quotation?

Within 24 hours

What is payment term for mold making?

T/T: 50% as deposit with order, 30% receive T1 samples, and 30% sample approved and before delivery.

What is mold making software you use?

  • AutoCAD (2D Modeling)
  • Moldflow Mold Advisor (Plastic flow/deform simulation)
  • Pro/ENGINEER (3D Modeling)
  • Unigraphics (3D Modeling)
  • Solidworks (3D Modeling)

What is the lead time of mold making?

1-3 days for DFM, 2D mold layout and 3D mold drawing

What is the Max size of mold making?

Up to 10 tons weight.

What is the tolerance of mold making?

Machined is +- 0.005mm, molded part is +- 0.02mm

What is the lead time of mould?

3-5 weeks for a small and middle sized Mold, and 6-9 weeks for big over 1.5 meters.

Can you match to a specific color?

Yes, we can. Pls offer number of RAL or PANTONE

What is the QTY of mold trial sample?

3 shots in one color in usual is free and free shipping, more is ok