How to get target price for mold making?

Rob , is a product develop in US., He is very confusion for the China mold quotations. He get target price for mold making after a long story.

How to get target price for mold making?

It is better to consider follow information before send RFQ:

  • Clear information for quotation
  • Size and capacity of Factory
  • Factory real manufacturing

1.Clear information for quotation

Type of mold: prototype mold, production mold or export mold. Different require takes different price.
Annual QTY: 1000 pcs, 10,000 pcs or 100,000 pcs.
Other require: Such as molded plastic, surface finish etc.

2.Size and capacity of Factory

The size and capacity is key price factor. It take much more cost for big factory operation and management. Whereas for the small one.

3.Factory real manufacturing

The price is high when it is busy, and it is low when it is not busy. You will know it well after make business with China mold maker.

4. We offer best solution for mold making

We offer you best solution for mold making, base on your require and product structure. It is good price with good quality. Contact us now.

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