What is over molding

Over molding- One plastic molding over other plastic

Over molding is the precision plastic injection molding process, which molding one material over a other material.  The first molding plastic is hard, and the second is soft. It is two layers!

For molding material, proper material selection is critical – the two plastics must be not the same, they should be different hardness and melting.

For example: you should not plan on injection molding the second material onto the first material if the second material will melt or distort the first material. One should not deform the other where it matters.

If the proper materials have been chosen, the two materials bond together chemically and mechanically.  This process yields a strong finished piece with a long life.

Over molding Resin

Our staff works with a wide range of engineered resins and can help you select the best resins and molding process to deliver consistent, reliable product quality. It isAcetal, Delrin, Glass Filled Nylon, HDPE, PVC, TPU or TPE etc.

Over Molded Samples

Our engineers do everything from over molding electronics. We have years of experience helping customers optimize the best solution for their specific product.

Difference between Over molding & Insert molding

Insert molding is putting insert when it is molding, the insert is a metal object or ceramic any hard part, which is must be able to withstand the high-temperature and pressure of the injection molding process.such as a pin, blade, threaded rod, electrical contact, wire, etc.

In a word, Insert Molding is two different material, metal and plastic, metal is inside and plastic is around. Over Molding is two layers. The outside plastic is soft, such as TPE or TPU.

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