what is kiss off & shut off?

What is kiss off & shut off?

Some guys are confusion for kiss off & shut off in mold making. The key is to see core and cavity, it will be kiss off if they kiss each other(Mouth to mouth), and it will be shut off if they brush past(Side face to side face).

Two photos for understand and remember well kiss off and shut off.

shut off person - what is kiss off & shut off?kiss off person - what is kiss off & shut off?

1. Part structure

part off 300x285 - what is kiss off & shut off?

2. Kiss off and Shut off in mold making

kiss off shut off - what is kiss off & shut off?

3. Shut-offs Help Create Part Features

Shut off should have draft, it could solve unwanted plastic and reduce abrasion. Shut-offs in straight-pull molds will allow you to design many different features that fall in to three basic categories: Holes, hooks, and long through holes without the use of side-actions (cams).

Shut-offs require greater draft to reduce the amount of wear on the mold and form a better seal under clamping force during molding. The minimum draft of 3 degrees allows greater clearance for the sealing faces on opposite sides of the mold to pass by one another without the risk of gouging and wear.


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