What is insert molding

Insert molding- Put insert inside before Molding

What is insert molding? Insert molding is putting insert when it is molding, the insert is a metal object or ceramic any hard part, which is must be able to withstand the high-temperature and pressure of the injection molding process.such as a pin, blade, threaded rod, electrical contact, wire, etc.

Insert molding is often used to join the insert and plastic together more securely than assembly allows. Moreover, it often eliminates post-molding assembly and saves the additional cost incurred in a secondary operation.  Such as Plug, USB Flash and Connector etc.


  • Faster Assembly
  • More Stronger
  • More Beautiful
  • Cost-Effective

*Special Notes:

It should be make fixture when the  QTY of insert part is over 4 pcs. As it could save much time for putting.

Insert Molding Samples


Difference between Insert molding & Over molding

Most people are confused about this two kinds of molding, specialized the sales in this field.

Over molding is when one material being is molded over a second material. The base layer is molded first and the additional plastic layer(s) are molded over and around the original part – resulting in a single, finished product.

In a word, Insert Molding is two different material, metal and plastic, metal is inside and plastic is around. Over Molding is two layers. The outside plastic is soft, such as TPE or TPU.

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