internal undercut mold design

Internal undercut mold design – internal sliders and lifters

There are lots of parts which has internal undercut, specialized for phone frame. Here is one case for reference how do make mold making for mold release.

1. Part structure

internal undercut1 300x171 - internal undercut mold designinternal undercut2 300x171 - internal undercut mold design

2. Mold structure

internal undercut5 300x217 - internal undercut mold designinternal undercut7 300x241 - internal undercut mold designinternal undercut6 300x171 - internal undercut mold design

The green colors are internal sliders, and there are internal undercut in four corners. The blue color is internal lifters.

3. Mold open

1st, the internal sliders move out. Part is injected by lifters at last.

internal undercut8 300x220 - internal undercut mold designinternal undercut9 300x272 - internal undercut mold design

It is very simple part, but it is good for reference. All complex comes from simple.



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