Hot runner for mold making

Hot runner system brand:

Mould Precision Co., Ltd. use hot runner for mold making with custom require. We offer high quality hot runner mold making. We are experienced in building a variety of hot runner molds like as follow brand :


Hot runner advatage:

Hot runners are popular in high production parts , especially with a lot of cavities and the advantages of hot runner molds are obvious :

  • lower injection pressures
  • lower clamping pressure
  • no runners to disconnect from the molded parts
  • shot size is reduced by runner weight
  • nozzle freeze and sprue sticking issues eliminated
  • cleaner molding process ( no regrinding necessary )
  • having no runners reduces the possibility of contamination
  • consistent heat at processing temperature within the cavity
  • no runners to remove or regrind , thus no need for process / robotics to remove them
  • cooling time is actually shorter ( as there is no need for thicker , longer-cycle runners )

Hot runner disadvatage:

However hot runner also have some disadvantages , the cost is more expensive than a cold runner , it requires costly maintenance , and requires more skill to operate . Color changes with hot runner molds can be difficult since it¡¯s virtually impossible to remove all of the plastic from an internal runner system.

Mold Design

Mold design is including DFM,  Mold Flow Analysis, 2D Mold Layout and 3D Mold Drawing. It is part lay out, part line making, gate design, runner design, gating way, ejection method, cooling layout, etc.

mould1 300x227 - Hot runner for mold making

Mold Making

Mold making is based on mold making and purchase mold base, steel and component by machined by CNC, EDM, Lathe, Gun Drill and Milling etc., make mold fitting and mold trial in the end. To see the idea into real by mass production.

Mold Trial Sample

micro moulded part3 300x227 - Hot runner for mold making

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