Mold Trial-The Key to prove mold running and making well

It is the exciting time now. Make sure molded parts samples quantity, and plastic resin is right. Mold trial report and video will send later. All of this procedure need to be track closely if you don't want to cause any delay on next step.

We have in-house mold trial from 100 ton to 450 ton press. It could meet usually requrie. All of the plastic injection molds is well organized to put on storage after mold trial. Core and cavity would be covered by anti-rust spray, and mold plate is clean without any mess.

To cut cost and increase benefit to customer, We integrate Professional Mold Trial Factory for special project, such as PVC plastic, POM plastic, Clear Part, or Larger plastic. It just takes within 30 minutes to their factory.

They could run from 80 ton to 3000 ton mold injection machine, and professional in complex and very difficult project.

  • YunXing Mold Trial FactoryYunXing Mold Trial Factory
  • LianXing Mold Trial FactoryLianXing Mold Trial Factory
  • QianYi Mold Trial FactoryQianYi Mold Trial Factory
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