The high quality mold or molded parts start with a great mold design

Thanks for your trust and start cooperation with us. We begin DFM after you place order. Thanks for provide injection machine data, such as or K.O location, Moveable Distance, O Ring Diameter etc.

Our engineers have many years' experience at injection mold design, usually the process is:

DFM > 2D Mold Layout > MoldFlow Analysis > 3D Mold Design

1) DFM(1-3 days)

*DFM(Design For Manufacturing-it is draft design with Mold Flow Analysis if custom require.

  • Mold InformationMold Information
  • Parting LineParting Line
  • DFMAssist to Mold Release
  • DFMPart Draft Analysis
  • Gate DesignGate Design
  • Cooling System DesignCooling System Design
  • Ejector System DesignEjector System Design
  • Structure OptimumStructure Optimum
  • 2) 2D Mold Layout

    We believe high quality molds or plastic parts start with a great mold we pay special attention to plastic mold construction, gates, runners, cooling system, ejector system, venting and mechanical function to ensure the best solution are used.

  • Mold StruturerMold Struturer
  • 2D Mold Layout2D Mold Layout
  • 3) Moldflow Anaylsis(if possible)

    Professional mold flow analysis can figure out mold defects that may exist in advance, save your cost on plastic injection mold testing and modification.

    Optimization plastic injection solution to help to determine the best hot runner position and help to identify whether there is an shrinkage, combined with the location of the line, reduce deformation, improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the injection molding cycle time as much as possible, a definite advantage to high volume mold making.

    4) 3D Mold Design

    Contact us now for running your project, with the benefits of high quality and superior 3D mold design.

  • 3D Mold Design3D Mold Design
  • Molding SampleMolding Sample