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Post by Luis Lu / 15-09-2015

As a mold buyer, the max profit is looking for. How to select molds makers supplier in thousands of manufacturer? It is a good question to be discussion.

Usually, the buyer will send inquire for quotation first, then select and analysis the offers. Some professional buyers send the Specification of Plastic, Injection Machine and Mold Building Require too. After that they will come to China to visit the factory and make a evaluation. At last ask for customer reference before place order.

It is no problem to make business like it. The question is that there is no time and money for all one who want to make business with China mold maker. Don't worry any more, we help you in here now.

The main question, that mold buyer care, is Price, Quality Control & Risk Averse, so that you could make a sene if he is Professional.

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  • Over Mold
  • Hot Runner Mold
  • 1. Price- Is it low price mean Trap?

    There are many bad, terrible stories i heard from my new customer. They place the order to lowest price offer, but get very bad mold or molded part, what is more, some one has do nothing, no design, no mold building, but promise send mold or molded part on time. At last, it is no doubt it is delay.

    It should be a trap if the price is under or the same as mold making cost. It is the only suggestion that we could provide. Why the other supplier could offer low price too? Such as MP.

    We have said many time. Integration is the key that why we offer low price for mold making. As you know the price will be expensive when it is busy, and it will not when it is no busy. We integrate Professional CNC Machining Shops, Professional EDM Machine Shops and Professional Mold Trial Factories, to assistant mold processing when we are busy, so that we could keep the same Low Price.

    2. What is the quality control system?

    We is very strict according to DME/HSACO/LKM standard and customer require for plastic mold making. We control the quality according to ISO9001 Management. And offer Weekly Report for on time deliver.

    3. What is the reputation of them?

    We get high reputation from customers. Some of them even has not visit our factory yet. We have make happy business, and set up steady cooperation ship.

    We are not a huge company with red tape delays, nor a small one with limits of capacity. We have prepare to work the project with you too.

    Contact us today, we offer better competitive for you into the global market tomorrow.