Quality in Every Step

Mould Precision Co.,Ltd is very strict according to DME/HSACO/LKM standard and customer require for plastic mold making. We control the quality according to ISO9001 Management, and offer Weekly Report for on time deliver.

We offer original steel for mold making. As original steel could promise mold life, pls check it by LKM web service.


Inspection machine and tools:

  • 1 set CMM
  • 1 set Optical Measuring Projector
  • Hardness gauge
  • Vernier caliper, micrometer, thick/thin plug gauge, screw gauge
  • Toolmaker Microscope, height master, surface Plate

Inspection content:

  • Customer's Mold Specification Sheet Check
  • Design Optimize control
  • Mold Steel Hardness Inspection
  • Mold Electrodes Inspection
  • Mold Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
  • Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection
  • Mold Trial Report and Samples Inspection
  • Mold Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
  • Mold Package Inspection

CMM inspectionCMM Inspection

ISO certificationISO9001

Inspection MoldInspection Mold

heat treatment certificationHeat Treatment Certification

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