Unscrewing Mold

Product Details:

Product name: Unscrewing Mold

Industries: Industry

Mold Standard: HASCO

Steel: 1.2083

Cavities 1 x 1

Plastic: PVC (100°)

Runner system: Cold

Polishing: Normal polish

Tolerance: +/-0.02mm

Dimensions: 450 X 450 X 350mm

Mold life: 500,000 shots

Lead time: 6 weeks


Unscrewing mold, hydro-cylinder solution, HASCO standard, 1.2083 steel apply in industry

Mould Precision Co., Ltd is a high quality plastic injection mold manufacturer, with rich experience in unscrewing mold design and manufacturing, with competitive price and on time deliver.

Hydro-cylinder solution is usually use for unscrewing mold release. If the part has internal thread, it must be use hydro-cylinder. If the part has external thread, it could consider slider solution, but there is weld line on the part visible surface.