Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

About us

Mould Precision Co., Ltd is a private plastic mold mnunufacturer in Shenzhen China, focus on plastic injection mold manufacturing, and serves for the industries of Automotive, Electronic, Industrial, Medical and Packing since 2010.

We offer Plastic injection mold manufacturing, such as Multiple slider mold, Pipe fitting mold and Hot runner mold making, and offer Rapid prototype and Plastic molding service. 

We have strong engineering support for CAD design and cost control for mold manufacturing. Our talented staff of sales, engineers, managers, and moldmakers is dedicated to superior service and quality.

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  • Why choose us

    The cost of China mold making is increase year by year, but customer want better price for market require.

    In order to offer better price, we work hard to integrate the elements of mold making. CNC Workshops, EDM Workshops, Injection Molding Workshops and Professional Mold Trial Factories.

    Integration is best solution for small and middle mold makers, bases on steady cooperation with partners and employees. We get good reputation from customers. As an offshore mold making manufacturer, we are professional, efficient and responsibility.

    All partners just take within 30 minutes drive to our factory.

    • 5 professional CNC partners with 30 sets CNC machines
    • 5 professional EDM partners with 30 sets EDM machines
    • 5 professional Wire-cut partners with 30 sets wire-cut machines
    • 5 professional Mold Trial Factory with 80 to 3000 ton injection machines
    • 5 professional Injection partners with 50 sets injection machines